FernBI at Pentaho Day Brazil

On 11 and 12/05 we participated in the Pentaho Day Brazil in Curitiba, an event dedicated to the presentation and exchange of ideas about development on the Pentaho platform. In this event two members of our team, Daniel Valenti and Fernando Lonzetti, gave a course on CRUD with Pentaho BI Server!

Pentaho Day gave us a unique experience, it was very nice to meet the Brazilian community of Pentaho. The most interesting of all is the exchange of knowledge that is accomplished: we were able to transmit something different, that we have already implemented in past projects, but also we are inside several innovations that we can apply in certain situations in the future. Managing the mini-course about integrating Pentaho Server with a CRUD system was very helpful and I believe that whoever has watched us could learn a lot, not only about the system itself, but also about FernBI professionals and how they operate in the market .

Fernando Lonzetti

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